Here’s How Goldar May Fit Into The Power Rangers Reboot

Any of us who grew up in the nineties may be having trouble holding our bladders in anticipation of the new Power Rangers reboot. The reboot, which is based off of the ORIGINAL Power Rangers (or the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) has already revealed the faces of the protagonists including Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) as Zordon. Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games, 30 Rock, Wet Hot American Summer) has been revealed to play Rita Repulsa, the antagonist of the film and although Rita’s main henchman Goldar has been confirmed to make an appearance, we are not yet sure who will be playing him.

Rita Repulsa Power Rangers
Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa

Goldar had a strong presence in the original series, constantly crossing swords with the Power Rangers at inconvenient times to foil their plans. While he generally proved to be not much more than a mild inconvenience in the original series, the strengths of Goldar may be further explored and explained in the reboot.

Goldar provided a bit of comic relief as a bumbling dim-witted henchman in the original series. We can assume that his strengths as a sword-wielding griffon-like character may be further explored in the reboot. He may be able to provide more of a challenge to the Power Rangers this time around. It is safe to speculate that Goldar may provide enough of a threat that the Power Rangers have to assemble the Mega Zord for the first time.

Power Rangers Goldar

According to The Wrap, the reboot’s version of Goldar was written to be able to break through the force field that protects the Zeo Crystal. The Zeo Crystal was hidden on Earth many years prior to the events of the move and is what gives the Power Rangers their power. The force field that surrounds the crystal is supposed to be able to vaporize anything that touches it with Goldar being the only exception.

The movie’s opening sequence reportedly takes place on ancient Earth where we see Goldar attempting to take the Zeo Crystal. He apparently fails and is vaporized into gold particles that are spread across the planet. Rita Repulsa travels to earth in present day and attempts to re-form Goldar to capture the Zeo Crystal once and for all.

You may assume that Rita’s goal is to destroy the Zeo Crystals (the Power Ranger’s power source) so that she can be the uncontested power in the universe. What seems more logical is that she has been tasked by her own master, Lord Zedd, with stealing the crystals as he had tried in the past and it left him horribly disfigured.

Power Rangers Lord Zedd

I anticipate that Goldar will be defeated by the Power Rangers thus Rita will fail in her mission from Lord Zedd. This should set the stage for the sequel movie where Lord Zedd will travel to Earth to take matters into his own hands. Personally, having grown up in the nineties, I will be more excited to see Lord Zedd hit the big screen as he was terrifying in the original show. I can only imagine how much worse (in a good way) he will be with modern technology but hopefully we won’t have to see the likes of the villain that followed him:

power rangers ivan ooze

Power Rangers will hit the screens March 24, 2017

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