This Sailor Was Lost At Sea For A Year. What They Found On His Boat Was Terrifying!

When they first encountered the boat that had been lost at sea it looked like something out of a horror movie. The sail had broken and the boat was in such a state of disarray that the two fishermen had assumed it had been abandoned before becoming lost at sea. As they approached, they had no idea of the horror they were about to encounter.

Lost at Sea: Manfred’s Final Voyage

lost at sea

As they entered the boat, the two fishermen immediately knew something was wrong. While it definitely looked like it had become lost at sea, it did not look like it had been abandoned. Nothing was missing, in fact the owners belongings were everywhere… and then they went downstairs.

lost at sea

As the fishermen entered the cabin they could feel their hearts beat in their chests. It was a fearful sight indeed; to discover the fate of 59 year old Manfred Fritz Bajorat, a German sailor who loved adventure and the sea.

lost at sea

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