Moody Emoji Pillows Remind Us Why Some People Need Medication

A new Holiday gift idea found at your neighborhood Walmart store might have you reminiscing of the time you forgot to do the dishes and take the garbage out before your wife got home. If you want to get laugh this holiday season, go out and purchase what I’m referring to as a “Moody Emoji Throw Pillow”. Make sure you give it to that one person in your life that might take the hint, meanwhile everyone gets a laugh as it’s all in good fun.

However I’m not sure what the “Poo Pillow” at the end of this video is trying to imply by turning into what appears to be a gay pride rainbow which is specifically: Red; orange; yellow; green; blue; purple, in that specific order versus God’s rainbow which is Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet as the Yahoo user kindly points out in this Yahoo Answer’s page.

I’ll let you guys decide.

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