10 Tinder Hookup Stories That Will Make You Never Want To Swipe Right Again

In recent years, Tinder has come out and proven that it is an effective tool to help people hook up. While its debatable whether it is a good “dating” app, it is definitely good at helping people find someone to make their nights a little less lonely. Undoubtedly many people have plenty of Tinder hookup stories to share.

With the abundance of Tinder hookup stories on the web, we have been able to find some that will absolutely horrify you. After reading them, they will definitely make you think twice about whether all the effort is worth it.

Tinder Hookup Stories: Solo Froyo

Tinder Hookup Stories

Students of Brigham Young University created and executed a hilarious experiment involving Tinder. They created multiple fake profiles using pictures of attractive women and invited 250 men to meet them at a local frozen yogurt joint. A whopping 70 men showed up the the venue at the same time only to discover that their date wasn’t there. Now that’s cold hearted.

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